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Fic: Lipstick
sitr ot3
My friends have dragged me into Teen Wolf fandom.

Also Holland Roden looks uniquely fabulous in red lipstick.

Title: Lipstick
Author: Lazaefair
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Character: Lydia Martin

When people are watching your mouth, imagining the things your mouth could do to them or where your mouth has been, they’re not watching your eyes. Or your hands. They’re not listening to the words coming out of your mouth.

The red lipstick is one of the pieces of her armor. It’s distracting to the people who swing her way, and infuriating to the people who don’t.

Red for sex. Red for power.

Red for sacrifice. Red for death.

Don’t get her wrong. Sometimes she forgoes the red lipstick and walks out in a glossy pink, or even nude. Let no one think she is predictable.

But in the night, in her dreams, she always returns to red. When she stands in the shadows over another dead body, all that’s visible is the gleam of her eye and the red of her mouth. She listens. And she screams.


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