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On font sizes
sitr ot3
Seriously, what's with all the fanficcers who love formatting their communities with itty-bitty teeny tiny fonts? *squints at screen* I'm not getting any younger here (yes, I just said that) and it's straining my eyes trying to read light-gray-on-white Helvetica 9 point. *squints some more*

I keep going back to AO3. At least they have the wisdom to make their default font a sensible size and color. I want my Lassiter/Spencer porn to be easily readable, dammit.

In only marginally related rants, why is it that the sentence
"Merry Christmas Carleton," he whispered.
so goddamn irritating to me?

Is it the missing comma? Or the sure knowledge that no one actually whispers sentimental sap out loud to themselves while standing alone in kitchens, except in badly written fanfiction? Or perhaps it's the ludicrous idea of Shawn Spencer whispering sentimental sap out loud to himself while standing alone in the kitchen? Or it's knowing that the writer actually intends this moment to be tender, instead of bad soap opera? At least it wasn't Lassiter doing it, that would have been hair-tearingly bad. People, listen, the only reason why TV character say things to themselves when they're alone is because we can't read their minds so they have to say their thoughts out loud. You're writing a story in text, you don't have to do this. Just keep their embarrassingly out-of-character schmoopy thoughts inside their inner monologues like normal and we'll be fine. Maybe. Probably not. Baby steps. (It's probably the missing comma.)

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It's the fact that you keep sticking an "e" in Lassie's name, you wench.

I didn't write that sentence, somebody else did!

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