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Excerpt from my life
sitr ot3

This photo was taken right before the saleslady shouted, "HEY! NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED!", leaped over the counter, and snatched the camera from me, while I conked her over the head with the rubber chicken from earlier, and then she ninja-somersaulted over me and the chicken, and I narrowly avoided the bicycle kick she astonishingly delivered mid-air but stumbled straight into her fist of DOOM! But my cousin leaped into the fray, nun-chuks flying, and grabbed the camera back while yelling at the saleslady, "SHE'S JUST AN IGNORANT FOREIGNER FROM AMERICA! IT'S OKAY!" Then the saleslady said, "Oh, from America? Fine, just don't let it happen again," and then, "Wow, I've never seen fighting like that from two pathetic college students! Here, let me induct you into my special martial arts order, STREET MARKET FIGHTING SUPER." So I got my camera back and now I'm a member of the STREET MARKET FIGHTING SUPER school. We get headbands and everything.

Later on, I spied the face of true evil:


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that's a really good photo! both of them are, actually. (and awww, how could that little thing be evil? it's too cute!)

But it's a furry robotic toy dog with glowing green eyes! Clearly sinister.

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